Free GAPS Download Now Available

GAPS, the grammar and phonology screen, is a ten minute test enabling professionals in education, health and social care, to establish whether their children have or are at risk of  the challenge of  language disorders –Called GAPS (Grammar and Phonology Screening) the test was the brainchild of leading British language expert Professor Heather van der Lely who invested years of research to develop an early warning system capable of detecting the first signs of language disorder. The GAPS test is…

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New Project Summary – Reading Comprehension

The effect of modality on assessment of reading comprehension Recent research has suggested that reading comprehension in a time-constrained context is reduced on digital devices as compared to print. As children’s reading ability is often assessed in time-constrained conditions, understanding exactly how this effect manifests in school-age children and whether it can be reduced through strategies (such as prompting to generate keywords during reading or telling the individual that they will be asked to summarise the text after reading) is…

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