How much can I apply for?

Up to £350,000, in exceptional circumstances a greater grant may be considered. Please contact the Trust before proceeding with any such application or include full justification for a greater figure in your initial outline application.

Are projects fully economic costed (FEC)?

Please make sure your administration costs are included in the grant but the trust does not, as a principal, seek to fund full economic costing.

Do you contribute partial funding for projects?

HvdL will consider joint applications and part funding.

Do you fund projects that have already begun?

Typically this would not be the case but in exceptional circumstances, please approach the trust for a discussion.

What is excluded from funding?

  • Individual items of equipment over £2,500 unless a special case can be made.
  • Sites, buildings or other capital expenditure.
  • Support for the organisation of conferences or workshops.
  • Contributions to appeals.
  • Endowments.
  • A shortfall resulting from a withdrawal of or deficiency in public finance.
  • Student tuition fees.
  • HvdL Trust do not consider overseas applications, either joint or individual.
  • Open Access Publication.

What is the deadline for submitting an application?

The first stage application of 500 words should be submitted by the end of April 2018. You will be informed of the decision of the trustees as soon after that date as possible and hopefully by mid May. 

The shortlisted applicants should complete the full application by the end of July 2018.

When can I expect a decision on my application?

You will be notified if your application the result of your application as quickly as possible.  It may take four- six months for a final decision.

If I cannot start work on the project on the date given in my application, would the Trust agree to a delayed start date?

Yes. However, the Trust does not normally allow for delays of over six months.

Can I reapply if my application was unsuccessful?

Please do not reapply within a year. If you are shortlisted but fail to receive a grant you will be advised as to any possible re-application and possible amendments if funds are likely to be available.

What are the Terms and Conditions for accepting a grant?

The terms and conditions are that the project should be started and completed within the given time frame and that all reporting and evaluations are fed back to the Trust.

What can be included under equipment?

Essential items of equipment costing up to £1,000 each may be included, but explicit justification is required for each item. This should explain the function and necessity of the equipment for the proposed research. Computer hardware up to a total value of £2,500 may be purchased where this is for the exclusive and direct benefit of research.

Will the Trust pay recruitment costs?

Yes, but only for essential external advertising.

Does the Trust fund the cost of open access publishing?

No, this is not a permissible cost

Who can I contact if I need help with my application?

Please contact the Trustees on admin@hvdl.org.uk or via our Contact Us page.

Research Project Grants

The aim of these awards is to provide financial support for innovative and original research projects of high quality and potential, the choice of theme and the design of the research lying entirely with the applicant (the Principal Investigator). The grants provide support for the salaries of research staff engaged on the project, plus associated costs directly related to the research proposed, and the award is paid directly to the organisation at which the applicant is employed.

Proposals must reflect the personal vision of the applicant and demonstrate compelling competence in the research design. The Trust favours applications that surmount traditional disciplinary academic boundaries.

The following guidelines are drawn to the attention of prospective applicants:

  • Research on the nature of developmental language disorders (previously 'specific language impairment- SLI') and the overlap with specific learning difficulties such as dyslexia.
  • Activities that facilitate and promote the identification of children with, or at risk for, developmental language disorders.
  • Investigations that focus on aspects of syntax, morphology & phonology in developmental language disorders, including their assessment and intervention.
  • Evaluations of the ethos and use of the Grammar and Phonology Screening (GAPS) test: e.g. the potential for children in the United Kingdom to be 'screened' for developmental language disorders and risk for reading difficulty when starting out in education.

In addition:

  • Multidisciplinary collaborations and research that includes independent charities, schools & other organisations, alongside academic partners will be welcomed.
  • Work that highlights the needs of children (and young people) with developmental language disorders within the UK system.

Value and duration

Offering up to £350,000 over 1-3 years for research on a topic of the applicant’s choice. Grants cover salary, equipment and research costs directly associated with the project. You can submit an application at any time & your application will undergo a review process. You will be informed of the outcome as quickly as possible.

The funds requested should be appropriate for the grant duration and the resources required to realise the project’s objectives.

Read more: Eligibility

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