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We welcome applications for research in line with Professor Heather van der Lely's wishes. Bids can be for any amount up to the region of £350,000.

We encourage bids relating to the following topics & emphasise that those (applications) that closely reflect the areas outlined will be most likely to receive funding. The following guidelines are drawn to the attention of potential applicants. The trust is particularly interested to receive proposals to engage in:

  • Research on the nature of developmental language disorders (previously 'specific language impairment- SLI') and the overlap with specific learning difficulties such as dyslexia.
  • Activities that facilitate and promote the identification of children with, or at risk for, developmental language disorders.
  • Investigations that focus on aspects of syntax, morphology & phonology in developmental language disorders, including their assessment and intervention.
  • Evaluations of the ethos and use of the Grammar and Phonology Screening (GAPS) test: e.g. the potential for children in the United Kingdom to be 'screened' for developmental language disorders and risk for reading difficulty when starting out in education.

In addition:

  • Multidisciplinary collaborations and research that includes independent charities, schools & other organisations, alongside academic partners will be welcomed.
  • Work that highlights the needs of children (and young people) with developmental language disorders within the UK system.

Please Note

All applications will be judged on the quality of the research as well as adherence to the aims and wishes of Heather van der Lely.  The final decision, taking into account the balance between these two factors, will rest with the Trustees, once independent reviews have taken place.

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